For The Time Being

For the time being, Check out Travis Bass Agency to follow up with a new promotional aspect of the Ninja Empire.


And listen to the newest track preivew of my project with Loquito:

More to come soon.



Put the P.SUS Together

What's up Ninjas,

Every once in awhile we come across some really talented artists we've never heard of before. First up we have Rookie and his song 'L'Ange Dans Le Ciel'  

Once when asked if he would reveal his sample, he responded by saying that asking that of a producer is like asking a magician to reveal his trick. But he also encourages other producers that 'you don't have to dig that deep' to find good samples. So get out there Ninjas and make some music!

Why cut n sew is so difficult

Good times last night!

Araab Muzik made it in by 2am and rocked the club until 3 in the morning! It was almost too hard to dance because we were all mesmerized by his performance.

Araab Muzik

What's up Ninjas!

We've got a special performance for you tonight from Araab Muzik! He'll be performing tonight for Dim Mak Sunday's at Drai's. Hit us up for guestlist!






Awesome night last night Ninjas! Thanks to everyone who came out. Dj HeavyGrinder rocked the crowd while celebrating her birthday, spinning everything from electro, dubstep, house and a little bit of disco!

Every Time

Thanks to the Ninjas that came out on Wednesday! Told you it would be a good party.

Azuré hit us up with his new video 'Duke Westlake Cypher.' His lyrics are getting more and more refined, and you can feel the flow throughout the entire video. Check it Ninjas!

Have a safe weekend, we'll meet you on Sunday for Dj Heavygrinder's bday!

Sex Panther

Alright Ninjas,

Tomorrow night we've got a really fun duo to present to you. Introducing... Sex Panther! Formed after attending countless shows in the audience, Ryan and Aaron teamed up and formed the Dj duo that has gone on to play the hottest clubs from SD to LA to Vegas.

Punctual Ninja

Goyama has brought great honor to The Neishon. He recently produced and released a new track entitled 'The Punctual Ninja' and it's a banger. Goyama has been a solid Ninja for quite some time, helping out with other projects of ours.

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