M83 Memorial Day Weekend

What's up Ninjas!

This Memorial Day Weekend we have a super special event for you! M83 is coming in for a Dj set at the launch of the pool party season!  


We meet by fires,                        

Behind decks,                                       

Pit of Passion!

What's up Ninjas!

Got another exciting event for you this weekend! Passion Pit is coming out for a Dj set, and we want all you Ninjas to come out!  


What's up Ninjas!

Tomorrow (Sunday) in conjunction with Dim Mak we have M-Machine coming out!  


What's up Ninjas,

This Friday Pigeon John and NOCANDO will be performing out in Whittier.

Pigeon John is an LA based hip hop benchmark and will definitely put on a good show. We've watched him before back in SD and it's definitely a party.  

Cosmic Gate Interview

What's up Ninjas,

Kayo got a hold of Cosmic Gate,                

and put together a really sexy video interview. Check it!  




Chromeo's coming to town!


This Sunday Chromeo will be playing a Dj set at Drai's Hollywood for the weekly Dim Mak event.

You can get tickets for the event here. Use the promo code 'Travisb' to get $5 off! Ya Ninja!

Sushi Ta-Ke

While Obamagedon had Sunset Blvd shut down, a couple Ninjas and I decided to try out one of the only businesses open along the street- Sushi Ta-Ke. 

Set up as a traditional Japanese sushi bar, we took a seat with a front row view of the chef.

Dim Mak Tuesday

Dim Mak studios, Tuesday nights.  

Hosted by Steve Aoki who has become world renowned for his Djing, producing, record label, and party throwing, Dim Mak Studios makes for an exciting midweek venue in the city. But first you have to find it.

Le Spec

Went out to Silverlake yesterday to visit the owners of Le Spec Gallery.

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