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Childish Gambino- Hearbeat (Rotbott Dubstep Remix)

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What's up Neishon,

Fellow Ninja Rotbott released an exclusive dubstep remix of 'Heartbeat' which we wanted to share with you. Take a listen and leave him some feedback on his soundcloud.

We're off to Magic in Vegas, if you're in the area come say what's up!



Before The Calm

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Meditation beads, coming soon to a Ninja dealer near you ;)

If you'd like to help support the CSULB Japanese Garden you can make a donation here.



Tet Festival

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Some photos from the Tet Festival:

Adam Tensta Interview

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Ninjas, we've got a very special interview for you this week. We reached out to Adam Tensta the other week in hopes of setting up a time to talk. All of us here at The Neishon have been fans for years, and to have the opportunity to ask him some questions was quite an honor for us.

For those of you that haven't yet heard of Adam, we look forward to introducing him and his music to you right now.

NN: Adam, thank you very much for taking the time to do this interview with us. We’ve been fans of yours for awhile, but for our readers who haven’t been introduced to you yet, can you briefly describe your music career and where you’re working from?

Adam: Working out of Tensta which is a project in Stockholm, Sweden, I released my debut effort 'It's A Tensta Thing' back in 2007. Since then I've basically been on tour, spending countless hours on the road and in the studio, meeting people from all walks of life, and trying to get accustom to this new lifestyle. It brings me so much inspiration to be in this position, to have reached one of my dreams. To have people from all over the world relating to my story and making it their own, just as I related to certain songs and artists growing up. That's one of the main reasons why I still work so hard.

NN: Your music has been classified as many things from electro rap, to hipster hip hop, but you prefer the definition Bloc Pop. Can you elaborate on what that means and why you like to describe it that way.

Adam: Hmm... I've never really been a big fan of labeling my music. The term Bloc Pop was hatched on tour in a hotel room by my friend and producer Nils Lundberg, in an attempt to exclude it from any other existing genre. But to be honest I think that's an impossible thing to do, and with that realisation, the term Bloc Pop is a thing of the past. Today, I'm content as long as my music makes people feel something, negative or positive.

NN: Music seems to have been your saving grace growing up in a rough neighborhood where violence and drugs were commonplace. How did you begin your career? And how did hip-hop icons like Mobb Deep, Nas and Wu-Tang Clan influence your early work?

Adam: Well, acts like Mobb Deep and Wu-Tang Clan inspired me cause they had a story to tell. It was blunt, no beat-around-the-bush type of shit. For me they became icons because they were everything I wanted to be. I wanted people to listen to what I had to say too, I wanted them to understand my story. These guys had managed to do that without curving for anyone, and that's something I admire. As for the music being my "saving grace" growing up out here, that's possible, but on the other hand I've always been a determined mother f****. I think I would have made progress in anything I layed my soul into, it just happened to be music.

NN: You’ve managed to keep drugs and alcohol out of your life in an industry where these types of things are often promoted. Can you describe the struggle and reward this has brought you?

Adam: It's never really been a struggle. I made my mind up from day one. I didn't want to follow in any of those footsteps, since I saw what it did to people and relations in my immediate surroundings.

NN: When we (Ninja Neishon) first started listening to you back in 2008 we hadn’t heard many artists in the US rapping over an electro-based track. It’s now become popular here in the US music scene and you can hear almost any track on the radio with electro influences. Can you share your experience with this music scene, and describe how you’ve seen it grow?

Adam: I don't know if I have a wide enough perspective to answer this question. I don't really get to listen to alot of US radio, in fact I don't listen much to radio at all. I don't know what people out there define as "electro" or "electro influenced" music, but if it is as you describe in the question, it sounds boring as fuck yo!:) I wouldn't want ANY genre of music being over exploited in that manner.

NN: Your song ‘My Cool’ has been featured on everything from hit TV shows like Entourage, to the video game NBA 2k10. Would you consider this song as the launching pad for your US career? If not, what would you consider to be?


Adam: Of course. For me My Cool is the obvious game changer. It is, and will always be the song that opened the door me. Not only in the States but also out here in Sweden.

NN: You put together a 12 day LA tour back in April 2009 where you performed at The Viper Room, The Roxy Theater, and Cinespace. How did this tour come to fruition and what was your impression of LA at the time?

Adam: Being that we weren't sure if we would come back to the LA again, we wanted to make the very best out of the situation. We pulled every string possible, from people at Atlantic and Interscope to the good people at Orisue and everybody else you can think of. We networked our asses off and finally landed a couple of venues that wanted to fuck with it. I guess LA is good like that, everybody knows somebody that calls shots somewhere in town, this means that even a "no-name" like me could make shit happen out there. In Stockholm you really have to "be somebody" to make anything happen at all. A strikingly obvious difference.

NN: During your career you have opened for the likes of Jay-Z, Akon, Rihanna and many more. What were you able to learn from these artists, and is there anyone in particular who stood out as a mentor to you?

Adam: Well, I know that all of them work non-stop, and that all of them are extremely passionate about what they do. That's something I really admire, something that even shines through the circus these artists lives have become.

NN: What single piece of advice has helped you the most during your career as a musician that you would like to pass on to aspiring artists?

Adam: Mom once told me that I shouldn't let other people define me, and that I should be the one defining myself. I've learned that that's something to apply to all walks of live, no matter what your dream might be. Define yourself and you will be free (didn't mean for it to rhyme).

NN: In what direction are you taking your newest music, and what can we expect from you in the near future?

Adam: My latest project is titled 'Last Days Of Punk' and is based on the frustrated youth of today. It's the soundtrack to a short film and a documentary on first and second generation immigrants in and around the projects of Sweden. It's very "out there" so to speak. It's definitely a new lane of my music contribution.

NN: Thanks so much for your time Adam, one more question for you. Have you considered Joining The Neishon and becoming a Ninja? (we’d be honored to have you in our ranks!)

Adam: I've considered it, but I don't know if I'm worthy yet...

Well we've considered it Adam, and you are more than worthy. Welcome to The Neishon.

Make sure to check out Adam's website, and stay up to date with him on twitter and facebook.

Support good music, enjoy good music.



To Infinity and Beyond

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If you made it out last night you are probably still thanking yourself for working up to energy to attend. Any sleep deprivation is probably instantly forgotten when you take a second and remember how epic last night was. To infinity, and BEYOND!

Join The Neishon

Dillon Francis Sunday

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What's up Ninjas,

So this Sunday 1/29 we'll be having Dillon Francis come out to Drai's Hollywood along with Drunkmaster Flex! If you remember our post from a few weeks ago, Dillon had just released his music video for I.D.G.A.F.O.S:  

His music has its electro roots, but he has become known for his moombahton style. You can be sure it's going to be a party in that room this Sunday.


Message us on twitter if you want to come out.



Beatport Play

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What's up Ninjas,

Most of you have probably already received an email explaining the new Beatport Play feature. Basically they are offering an opportunity for all the producers out there in the world to apply their skills to well known artist remixes. 

It's an amazingly smart idea for them to offer this service, both for the artist's whose tracks will be remixed, and for the producers. It's hard to remix a track without first buying it to listen to the full high quality version which means sales for the offered remixes will likely go through the roof. Not to mention the added exposure of all these producers remixing their tracks and showing all their friends. That's free publiciity for them! 


And for the producers out there, what an amazing chance to have your skills noticed! You can be pretty sure that when Steve Aoki asks for Ladi Dadi to be remixed,


that he will take the time to listen to the submissions. Straight to the owner's ears, and all it takes is a little ambition!


Pretty sure there are at least a few Ninjas out there who will be amazing at this!