Dj Mikas, DJ Sage- Eternal EP

What's up Ninjas,

Wilf reached out to The Neishon the other day with a new EP release from Dj Mikas and Dj Sage entitled 'Eternal':

After storming the scene with 'High and Dry' and 'Shaken Not Stirred' which got great reviews from DJ Mag and tons of other dance music lovers around the World, DJ Mikas and DJ Sage finally release their long awaited debut on Black Hole Recordings, the label founded by international icon Tiƫsto.

The Eternal EP shows a fresh side of the Vancouver duo. Whereas 'Shaken Not Stirred' proved a true balearic trance anthem and 'High and Dry' caused havoc on both progressive and electro dancefloors, Eternal lays down a solid and consistent tech-groove with a touch of electro. From the first moment on, Eternal captures the listener with energizing sparks and a gloomy, dark bassline. As the track continues to build, the bassline erupts in sudden bursts of melody, elevating the beat to higher levels while making sure the floor keeps its energy.

Both DJ Mikas and DJ Sage have their own weekly radio shows syndicated to various radio stations. 

TranceClass Radio is hosted by DJ Mikas and is available as a podcast on iTunes:

Open House Sessions is hosted by DJ Sage and is available on Podomatic:

You can connect with Dj Mikas on twitter and facebook, and with Dj Sage on facebook. Take it easy Ninjas!