Blended Borders- Golden State Goods

It's nice coming back to a city and finding gems like Golden State Goods open and doing business.

Definitely didn't expect to find a vintage clothing and skate shop hosting a killer art show in Seal Beach, but what a pleasant surprise. Welcome to 'Blended Borders- a multi faceted art exhibit.'        

Featuring works by: Kalvin Marcus-Geoff Rowley-Cody Hager-Avalon Preisendorfer-Mattie Isbell-Jared Hager-Julie Triantafilo-Mike Kershner-Grant Hatfield-Rudy Gardner-Nick Zegel-Tim Clarke and Natalie Dao (shown below).                               

Aside from throwing sweet events they also stock some pretty cool brands (although they could use some NN) and carry enough vintage clothing to make any hipster's mouth water.                        

Make sure to cruise through sometime and say what's up to the good people over at GSG.

And get on those Ninja missions!