Ninja Sale

Posted by TravisNN

What's up Ninjas,

So as you all know Ninja Neishon has been evolving over the last three years, and it continues to grow all the time. Products change, styles change, but the core of NN stays the same: connecting people around the world.

When we first began we sold 'streetwear' because it was the easiest thing that we knew how to start with. Companies like The Hundreds inspired us along with thousands of other kids to begin their own line. As we began exploring our dancing roots we pursued the bboy lifestyle and promoted our work in that arena. We traveld to Japan to plant our flag, to SF to build a following, to LA to start a movement and to San Diego to build our base. Noteriety was slow but steady, and the people who picked up on Ninja Neishon early were as excited about it as we were.

With two solid years of straight up hustling, it became apparent that we were not just a streetwear brand. What got us the most ampted, and which got our Ninjas the most pumped, were our events. Whether it was a house party, a pool party, a trip to the movies, a club event, a bar event, late night dodgeball, early morning surfing or bboy sessioning on rooftops, it was our connection to each other that inspired everyone and pushed us forward.

Three years later Ninja Neishon is embracing the path we have taken and is focusing more on events than ever before. Currently we are promoting at one of the most prestigious clubs in Hollywood, and we plan on expanding quite a bit from here. More dodgeball, more club events, more hang out sessions, more dance sessions, it's all taking form right now and we appreciate all of your support along the way.

But in order to usher in the new, it has come time to put the relics of the past into the appropriate hands. Which brings us to....


We just slashed prices on all of our stock as if it were a pirate. It's pretty much ridiculous, and if you have ever considered getting something from us, now would be the time.

Shirts= $9.99  Outerwear= $19.99

That's super cheap considering it cost us that much to make these items. But the time has come to move forward, and we want these items in the hands of Ninjas who will appreciate them. We'll be blasting our sale on here and on all our social networks and we appreciate any retweeting or reposting that you feel comfortable doing.

We look forward to continuing this journey with all you Ninjas, to advancing our ranks, to recruiting more Ninjas and to having an awesome time along the way!




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We meet by fires,                        

Behind decks,                                       

In bars,                                     

and in streets,                             

Building a Neishon one step at a time.                    

And tonight we have Brazzabelle for you!   

Let us know if you want to come out!



Whatchu Want?

Posted by TravisNN

Ninjas, we want your input.

As you know, we've been hosting some amazing events for you lately, and now we want to know who you'd like to see play next. These events are for you, so email us at info(at) or message us on facebook or twitter with your suggestions.

We'll take all of them into consideration.


-Ninja Neishon