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DSC_0361 Yoyogi Park is located right next to Harajuku street and Shibuya. Both Harajuku and Shibuya are well known for their emphasis on fashion and street culture. While the massive amount of people crowd the stores and sidewalks right outside the park, once you enter through Yoyogi's gates you feel like you've entered a completely different city. The only hints that remind you you're still in Tokyo can be found when you look out over the horizon past the trees to see the tops of the cityscape surrounding you. Look for a shirt inspired by this view to be coming in the next few months. Needless to say Yoyogi helped keep many members of The Neishon sane while we promoted in the city. This is what you find literally on the other side of the park wall: DSC_0102 In other news, The Neishon is helping to sponsor Ninja Clubs around the world. We help students get through the application process and get them started with some ideas for charity events and fundraisers. Current chapters are expected to expand and become accessible to the public. Working with local organizations the Ninja Clubs provide a unique way to create a healthy partnership between Ninja and community. If you or someone you know is interested in setting up a chapter at your school, work, or organization please send and email to: With a subject title 'New Chapter'

Rukus Avenue

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The Neishon went to visit some friends at the Rukus Avenue showcase in LA at the Barnsdall Gallery Theater. I couldn't help but get distracted and wander around the area. IMG_0065 IMG_0073 After the performance we went to the after party at the House of Blues. Talked with the President of the record label and he had some really interesting things to say. Rukus Avenue is still in its beginnings and has an expanding market to grow into. As the Asian community grows so does the need to have a record label to closely identify with. That's where Rukus comes in. He was nice in person and seems genuine about his passion, and for that he has the support of The Neishon. Here's a video of him being interviewed awhile back: And here's a video I took at the Rukus performance: If you want to learn more about Rukus Avenue visit their website and see some of the artists they're promoting: Rukus Avenue IMG_0098 No one's arguing Snoop, no one's arguing.

A-1 Crew

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Haven't had a chance until now to post about A-1. Strong supporters from the beginning A-1 Crew has become a good friend of The Neishon. A-1, short for Above as One, manifests its philosophy of unity throughout the crew. l_8b4508afc2654c12ac47588fbbc656f9 Their mission: A1, “Above as 1”, is about unity and the uplifting of dance. The crew aim to inspire the youth in creativity and self-expression. Based in the south Bay Area, A1 has been repping since 2008 Their solo reel is well put together by madTek, who happens to also be a graphics designer. Part A:

A1 Crew solos (side A) from Tekness on Vimeo.

Part B:

A1 Crew solos (side B) from Tekness on Vimeo.

Their crew consists of: madTek, Flashover, Swahili, Subzero, WestGate, Jeopardy, Shogun, Engine9, Asaman, Surface Connect with them on myspace: And of course check them out in the Ninja Neishon video: For contact and booking information: Show em love.