Dj Sophia Lin Interview

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What's up Ninjas,

World renowned Dj Sophia Lin stopped in at The Neishon and was able to give us a quick interview! Check out her recent projects, her advice on making it in the dj world, and find out what makes her want to keep pursuing her dream!

NN: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview with us Sophia. For our readers that haven't been able to keep up with you, can you quickly recap where you've been the last couple of years and where you're currently working now?

Sophia: I've keeping busy as possible with my DJ schedule all around the US, Europe and Asia, resident DJ at Playboy Club in Macau and Coyote Ugly in Las Vegas, huge venues across the globe, many private parties, song writing and working in the studio for my debut vocal album, and most recently visiting my hometown and Dj-ing some gigs there in Kansas City, going to sight see where I was born in Washington D.C. this week and DJ there this weekend, and have have a gig in France this May!

NN: Being ranked as one of the most beautiful Djs in the world and getting to travel all over performing for people must be amazing. What originally drew you into this career, and what would you say is the biggest perk of being a Dj in your position?

Sophia: I always had a few different things I wanted to pursue when I was a kid. I took piano lessons, and then always knew I wanted to be some sort of musician. So now song writing and working in the studio is my biggest focus. It brings me feelings of delight, happiness and pleasure. Creating new music brings me to one the best state of being I've experienced in life. When I'm creating the whole world falls away and I'm in a state of contentment. I truly love this feeling and state of mind. As for perks, well, there are certainly several: being able to travel and see many different parts of the world is a big one, along with staying in great accommodations and getting paid for what I love to do. Additionally, hanging out with, meeting and getting to work with so many interesting, creative people and some celebs is really fantastic, and just how each venture leads to many others. I like to make people happy, and my job rewards me with that.

NN: What's your equipment setup like when you're performing? Are you a turntable or CDJ Queen, or do you prefer using software, and why?

Sophia: Since 2007 I started with and am currently still using Serato Scratch Live w/ my Rane TTM 57 for my home studio & Rane SL 4 for the road and load the programs and records on my Apple Macbook Pro Laptop. I have 2 Technics, the SL-1210 M5G “Grand Master” turntables, I prefer them battle-style. I also have Pioneer CDJ decks, and other misc musical instruments.

(rocking the NN beads)

NN: If you're given an open format do you lean more towards hip-hop or EDM? And are there any artists in each of those categories that you think are really rising above the rest?

Sophia: Well I am personally into several styles and appreciate quite a few genres. Mine leans toward / can be defined as Electro, Top 40, HipHop, House, Mashups, 80's, Rock, Breaks (In other words: Crunk, Funk, Punk)! But of course I'd lean more towards EDM! A lot of the venues I am booked at often tell me to keep the music open format. Some markets and venues cater more to the EDM crowd. Those are the places that make me the happiest! There are so many artists in each category to name.... too many talented people really. My list could go on for days....

NN: Out of all the venues you've performed at, what has been your favorite location?

Sophia: Probably would have to say the extended stay as resident DJ at Playboy Club in Macau was pretty sweet; awesome location, weather, great vibe, people, accommodations in the Venetian Hotel for 3 months, and amazing food & shopping, etc. I recently went to Beirut, Lebanon, and the hotel Phoenician has a club called Whisky Mist where I performed and it was so fun! They really party hard there and the food is ridiculous!!

NN: We have a lot of Ninjas who are aspiring Djs and producers, what word of advice would you give them, and what's the first step you think they should take to get their foot in the industry's door?

Sophia: Your heart and head and personality has to always be there and fit in perfect with many aspects of the whole business. Plus, I'm always positive and want everyone to have a good time which is an essential part of developing a successful venture / atmosphere, and bringing your particular personal life experiences makes things unique as well. You can never be over-prepared because there are no rules and there is nobody telling you what to do or not to do. That is the whole point. I love change and trying different things all the time. Keep positive, dream big; You must hustle, which is where I developed my name: 'DJSophia - - Hustle-Lin'... or the next person may snatch an opportunity from you...

I learned persistence and networking was the key and then people would refer me to others. It's not just looks or who you are, or what you know... but a lot to do with “who you know!” I'm thankful for everyone I've met in my life, even if they have done me wrong. It only made me stronger for more challenges. The marketing combines with networking, ambition, and believing in yourself. Talent and skills play a big part, but truly loving what you're doing, determination to complete your goals and keeping focused are essential.

NN: What are some projects that you're working on right now that we can look forward to?

Sophia: I'm keeping busy as possible with my active international DJ schedule next up is a gig on the East coast in DC the final weekend of April. France in May, Greece, Alaska in July and some more places I can't announce just yet ;).. I'm aiming to be in more independent and blockbuster movies, TV shows, commercials, and international magazine spreads and a debut vocal studio album. People can always check to see the latest tweets, breaking news, model photos, candid shots, webisodes, and hot new DJ mixes on Facebook and DJSOPHIA.COM.

NN: Have you ever wanted to be a Ninja? If so, what is the most Ninja thing you have ever done?

Sophia: Well, I am always in 'Ninja mode', especially in the midnight hours!... muahahahahahahaha, lol. Some endeavors such as filling a friend’s VW Beetle w/220 bags of popcorn from Costco in different flavors (she loves popcorn) was an interesting and exciting feat; not particularly any major martial arts involved there but being stealthy was indeed a key factor. FHM Thailand featured me In 2 issues in print in 2011 and Malaysia FHM Cover and 10 page spread so I suppose that I can also slide that cool accomplishment into the sexy 'Asian Ninja' category. And, along the mental Ninja angle, I would say: you may choose your fate, but not your destiny. I believe in some cases, destiny chooses you... (bowing)... XeXe.

NN: Thanks again Sophia for taking the time to do this interview, we look forward to partying with you again soon!



Battle Strategies Completed

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Thanks to all the Ninjas that made it out this past Saturday!

A rest well deserved.



Battle Strategies

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What's up Ninjas!

This Saturday we're going to have a booth at CSULB Breaker's Battle Strategies 3! So if you're looking to come out, make sure to stop by and kick it with us for awhile. If you want to order something before the event this Saturday to reserve your size, just place the order on the website and write in the order comments section that you'll be at the jam. We'll have it saved for you at our booth, and you'll get the size you want! 

Doors open at 2:00pm
-$10 Dollar general admission

The CSULB Breakers internewbie battle is for all the newcomers to the bboy/bgirl scene this past year. Come out to get a taste of battle and put your moves to the test! Be sure to stick around for the main battles later on to get inspired to keep training!

2v2 Internewbie battle

-Battle starts at 2:30pm
-16 Slots
-1 Newbie (under 1 year experience) + 1 Intermediate (under 2 years experience)
-Winner gets Ninja Neishon gear and a trophy

Judges: RON aka Bboy RaW-N, Leo the Liger straight from Michigan, Crissy-B
DJ: Bangin' Tats
MC: Garrett Myers

Battle Strategies (5-10) CREW BATTLE

-Battle starts at 6pm
-Battles are timed
-16 Crew slots
-Up to 10 dancers per crew
-$700 Cash Prize

Looking forward to being back at CSULB again, see you Ninjas there.